so you are telling me vampire weekend singer wasn’t in perks of being a wallflower?

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literally what is the crime in me going to the store to buy beer and safely consume it in the confines of my home

can u give me answer barackobama

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you become an adult at 18

but you can only do the lame adult stuff like pay taxes, go kill people in foreign countries because of your government’s imperialistic fantasies, and write your will

i just want a beer 

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i literally have no toleration for lateness

if i tell you to be somewhere at the time i give you and you’re late, i’m going to be extremely frustrated because i always make sure i’m on time for everyone else

even worse if you don’t acknowledge the fact that you’re late. ugh

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i don’t understand people anymore

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i like when i see myself doing better than people i was on the same level as

basically most people i went to high school with

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broke my wrist trying to bend my iphone 4s

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